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EDITOR’S NOTE: THIS “TEXTS FROM KOREAN GIRLS”  WAS SUBMITTED TO 3WM  FROM THE WEB SITE BY THE SAME NAME.– We  find the banter of the text messages to reveal much about the playfulness of the English language in our cross-eyed world.

1) “I am thrilling by your coolness. I am not interested to you who is not interested in o”

2) “I love you so much. I am hard”!

3) “I was at Itaewon yesterday. The place remind of Jasmine^^ so tasting Jasmine tea at there~ it smells always good.. Deeeeeep & sweeeeeet^^ and keep you warm not to get a cold again^^”.

4) “I’m sinae..
your letter thank you^^
I like you. because,you promise obey..
I look first meet man..
carelessly not decision..
watch long long time~

I’m not english well
I’m sorry always..

you understand my (mess)English?
anyway, I’m not english..sorry^^

I’m working now..
my jab like and child lovely…”

5) “u just like me becaus of SEX?”

“ill call you latter.im sorry.i reckon im making situation bad again.;(”

“ill just shit up.hav a gd night.”

6) “You.. i like me..?”

7)  “in ma grandmather’s home =_= sacrifice day~ i shouldn’t go anywhere”

8 ) “Yesterday it eats the alcoholic beverage plentifully…it is sorry…”

9) “Did you do that there inside my vagina?”

10) “Hi, a re u fine.I’m mee sook.i guess u forget me. i serched u.
i wonder u married someone.I hope u are’nt married. I HOPE i SEE U.