Concrete Experience Launch Party @ The Laughing Tree Gallery

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By 3WM

CONCRETE EXPERIENCE launch at Laughing Tree Gallery

Friday, April 15th 6-10 p.m.
*Concrete Experience launch party
and exhibition of photography from CE’s first issue, Transposition

Saturday – Monday, April 16th – 18th 4-10 p.m.
*Gallery open hours to view photography from CE’s first issue, Transposition

Wednesday, April 20th 8-11 p.m.
*8mm: Art Cinema bonus feature

CE is a new journal of contemporary photography and creative writing.

HBC Fest Sign-up Time is Here!

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From HBC Crew

It’s time to sign-up for the 2011 HBC May Festival. The date is now set for May 21st, 2011 from high noon until 2 a.m.

We have longer hours at the Band venues now. First come first served.

This May Fest proves to be very busy indeed, and our support has grown. Two more venues will be added.
Contact the HBC Crew at

HBC Hipsters to Win The Lottery: A Star is Born

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By Mizaru


Hey all you denizens of Haebangchon. You have been noticed and some of you have even been found. I have taken notice. When you hit the main drag here—the boulevard of slapdash dreams—and turn your daily schlep of teaching English into a prance of taking the stage at Cannes or Coachella or bustin’ a move onto the set of Jersey Shore; your ticket has been punched because you have talent and it is a big talent.

I can’t stand to see you sitting in the cafes and vamping it up on facebook when all you need is a great cash influx: the seed money to your genius. No one is messing with your chi here. Whether you are an actor, artist, musician or quiz night marvel this is not a head trip: your time has come.

Remember the only difference between you and those swerving through the Brooklyn art cafes and open mics with their laptops in action is thirty thousand or so U.S. in the bank account. That is it and as every HBCvestite can tell us all: the Muse works in mysterious ways. The Nigerians have solved your most pressing problem! More specifically the ones hovering around your ‘hood.

You Need to Get off of Facebook (a film)

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By Ross Gardiner with Sonny Side Films

It might be time (AEAP) for all you Facebook fanatics and fiends (FBOCD) to start preparing to pull your head out of the world of friending and defriending. DTRT!

3WM Interview with the Korea Herald

'Hood News, EXPAT LIFE

Like expats themselves, their publications in Korea come and go.

But some manage to set down firm roots, and as the Three Wise Monkeys (3WM) blogzine approaches its first birthday in January, The Korea Herald met with its founding editors for a podcast interview.

The site ( has just undergone a re-launch, which has changed the header and layout but none of its original principles, even as the weekly, non-profit publication finds its appeal extending out as far as Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

With its origins in DDD ― Difficult Dirty Dangerous ― magazine, started in Daejeon in 2002, 3WM refers to the Buddhist maxim “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” which warns against allowing evil into your mind. The idea of the project being that if you accept an imperfect world, life becomes richer and less stressful.

8mm: Art Cinema presents ‘Black Cat White Cat’ at Laughing Tree Gallery

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8mm: Art Cinema presents “Black Cat White Cat” at Laughing Tree Gallery
Wednesday, January 5th, 8 p.m.
The gallery will open at 8:00 p.m., and the film will start at 8:30 p.m.

An Irish Christmas from The Irish Association of Korea

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The Local: A New Bar in Liberation Village, aka Haebangcheon

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By Rishika Murthy

Editor’s note: The Local is 3WM’s choice venue for the Dripan Art Walk in Liberation Village

Turn your head to cough and you might miss it. New to the Haebangcheon family of watering holes, The Local is the place to be if you are a musician, a fan of music or just a fan of cheap booze.

Owner and resident “hot bartender” You Ga Young opened The Local in late September. She said she wanted to “make a place where (local musicians) want to come and play.”

“In the HBC there are not many places to play and listen to music,” said Ga Young. “I wanted to open a place where people feel comfortable playing and having fun.”

She decided on this spot for her bar because she sees a lot of potential for the area.

Dec 4 Dripan Art Walk through Liberation Village: Haebangchon thru Kyungnidan

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DRIPAN is a community art walk in the Itaewon area that brings together all types of artists and performers in a set up that sees audiences moving from venue to venue following the art.

Starting at the Laughing Tree gallery in Haebonchon and concluding at Rufxxx in Kyungnidan, DRIPAN will combine artists from all over the world with some of the greater Itaewon area’s most popular bars, cafes and performance spaces.

Featuring paintings, illustrations, installations, performances,
spoken word, music and much more. Join the movement and get involved in the freshest community art event.

Art Exhibit by Vincent Troia Opening Nov. 13

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“This is the problem of the artist generally: that he creates his own new meanings and must, in turn, be sustained by them.The dialogue is too inverted to be secure.” – Ernest Becker

Vincent Troia, a recent addition to the Seoul art scene via Detroit, Michigan, USA, brings with him a unique and thoughtful vision of the world around him. The Becker quote above is in fact a title of a piece from Vincent Troia’s 2010 show at Detroit gallery, Cave.

This title is a particularly apt one for two reasons. First, Troia titles many of his works with probing, poignant and often lengthy quotes drawn from his voracious readings.Second, Troia’s mixed media constructions clearly exhibit his own process of meaning-making. In his work he repeatedly reimagines seemingly mundane things into stark, arresting objects which evoke a sense of mystery and meditation.


'Hood News, From the Scene

By Mizaru and hood rats.
kimpotsThat’s the right side from coming down—you will see the  Club FM—which is a Family Mart. You can get bank card cash, different beers, a variety of ready-processed foods and, again, if you can get a seat outside, this is pole-position to people watch, fest or no-fest. Broken or glued up noses, fuck you eyes, mouth breathing, knuckle-dragging, an assortment of actions on body parts can be experienced here and that’s just because some but not all of the local Korean Kids think that they are living on the wrong side of the tracks. Everyone here in the hood will tell you that the police presence has been increasing during the last two weeks and part of that might be from the Nigerian contingency always holding court on the patios outside of Club Fm. What can I tell ya up to now it’s a free country.

Haebangchon: Under the Chuseok Moon

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By Mizaru and Iwazaru

The night livened up at the Orange Tree Bar when the posse commandeered the music and ordered double Gin and Tonics in order to talk about anything they damn well pleased then curses and slaps and finally ultimatums started crunching the night into a before and after of liquored up good moments and then chaos. It seems the demons from the dank basement of Phillies ventured out with the three into the moonlight. “Blowjob John”—his name was given to him by Kenneth McIntire, but don’t ask don’t tell—was rolling off the pool table to the cement floor in a cascade of punches from “Mike the foreigner bar owner.” On the next look it was Londoner Holmes, who was obviously still incensed about not being able to talk politics and intrigue, with a Lavatti choke hold on what seemed to be both of them at the same time. The fight quickly broke up and Blowjob John was being shoved down the stairs and out the door by everyone who could get a piece of him.

New Gallery, New Exhibit in Haebangchong

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Is there EXPAT Life in Mokpo… Who cares: there is Art!

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Jo Whitham2

The 3wm Featured Festival Venue: The HBC

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By Mizaru
On Tuesday, March 9 at approximately 8 P.M., the door of the popular boozing shed HBC 47 Haebangcheon St., Haebangcheon, Seoul was found shattered its small glass pieces in a pile and mixed in with the days’ snow. No suspect perpetrators are known to have come in or left the premises due to the now empty doorway.

*The Editors expect this eclectic establishment to be the source of more mystery, mayhem and musical mastery during the 2010 Hae Bang Chon Fest and accordingly are naming it our choice venue. The HBC motto remains: Live Globally, Drink Locally.

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