(January 31) Well, I'm not sure it's sensible to talk about the an article that could be the subject of a lawsuit.  I'll let Michael Foster defend himself against those criticisms - they're not unexpected. 

For my part, I went to quite a lot of trouble to get Korea University's side of the story, although they insisted on being off the record.  We also found other foreign teachers who essentially had the same experiences as Foster.

(February 1) I think your characterization of what occurred is correct - a cultural clash that snowballed.  If that's all there was to it we wouldn't have been interested but I've heard numerous similar stories over the years so I think these incidents are the teething pains of a system in transition, trying to internationalize against the weight of distrust with the outside world. Without going into too much detail, KU said even quoting Foster would be libelous.  That, paradoxically, made the editors more interested and probably triggered the decision to print. 

...whatever anyone says about Foster it was clear to me that he wanted to stay and make a life in Seoul.