Specific Submission Guidelines

Specific Submission Guidelines

January 1, 20103690Views

Publishing Specifics for Contributors

3wm is happy to publish your submission. Please meet all of these requirements: IN MICROSOFT WORD ONLY!

  • Your entry must have a title and a by-line (your actual name or “pen name”). Titles are subject to change by editors.
  • Your short bio (straight shooter or quirky) to be placed at the end of your entry and it should include contact info and your thumbnail image: photo, drawing or icon. Again check the site for examples of the above requirements…
  • Images! Images! Images! It is very important to have a variety of images to enhance any and all of the writing we will publish. Photos, drawings, cartoons, etc. We can together brainstorm visual ideas for your written work if need be. REMEMBER to compress huge images preferably to under 1000 pixels.
  • Links inside your submission that will support your points and carry your ideas better by opening a window to a different site. We encourage your submissions to have different cultural references. Take the time to drop in a site via YouTube or Wikipedia or the like so that the reader can really experience the full force of what your work is about. Again, check the site for standard examples.
  • Things to remember: Do research and get quotes as needed to verify and clarify what you are writing about. If your story needs stats, find them. We are willing to help. A first draft is not a final draft. We are happy to help round your piece into one of diamond eye clarity but do not send us your submission until you have completely finished, read it, read it again, and read it again. It’s also a good idea to have someone you trust read of your submission.
  • Lastly and extremely important! Get the word out and buzz up about 3wm. Put your 3wm work on your Facebook and all interface media you use. Do not think of 3wm as just another place where you have published something. Independent media is hard to come by so respect the integrity the message and the effort put into The Three Wise Monkeys. Do this and when it comes to time for us to take the next step in publishing, we’ll bring you along for the ride.   Editors.



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A french living in Hongdae.