Oh G-20! Shame on a Dire Idea

Oh G-20! Shame on a Dire Idea

November 8, 20102596Views

By Maire Kulik

Oh G-20 how you torment the masses!

It’d be better if we listened to the wisdom of mass opinion

—and you didn’t arrive.

Because the wisdom of vast crowds has always been that of reason.

Harbouring your evil policies of mass-privatisation and neo-liberalism,

Further establishing the ownership of global resources.

Oh G-20!

To hinder a developing country with your waves of publicity;

So many headlines wasted that could have gone toward celebrity news.

The first of your kind in Asia, carrying your devious campaign of PSYOPS

Ruining the dreams of Trade Unions, by securing global employment,

Shame on you!

Wasting such expense on security to keep out the riff-raff,

A dire idea,

With hoards of world leaders in one place at the same time.

“They gather to amend their errors, a curse on them!” you cry,

Rather them than you buddy.

“…to further their careers…”

I’m not sure one can opt-out of the G-20.

Perhaps you should piss to wind in another direction.

“Someone in the crowd died last year!”

If you hadn’t of been there, he wouldn’t have died.

“An excuse for crack downs, a witch hunt!”

No. At the end of a witch hunt, we burn you.

Damn you G-20, spreading your nay-saying damage to immigrants and activists alike;


Be thankful that you are to free to protest.

The Romans would have crucified you for your unbelievable stupidity.

“…Oh G-20…!”

Please cease and desist.



Hail to the G20!

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