Podcast: Locals in Seoul Speak out on North/South Korea Tensions

Podcast: Locals in Seoul Speak out on North/South Korea Tensions

Featuring: Mizaru and Haebangchon, Seoul residents.

Produced by: Shizaru

IndigoFrom Friday, November 26 to Sunday, November 28, 2010 in the central Seoul, multiethnic borough of Haebangchon (Liberation Village in Korean) the Three Wise Monkeys hit the street to gauge the sentiments of foreign residents and Koreans following the North Korean attack on the western island of Yeonpyeong in the Yellow Sea on November 23.

Respondents—Russian, Filipino, American, Korean, Irish—were asked basic questions about how they felt regarding the shelling of the island and what impact, if any, it had on their lives and feelings about living on the peninsula.

Individuals offered insight into what it is like to be on the peninsula at a tense time with family and friends voicing concern–some have calls for them to get a plane ticket home. Others think things are overblown.

3WM is pleased to offer the first of many podcasts.

We will continue to develop the functions of the page and welcome any ideas for future podcasts.

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