Hey, Where are Your Pants? Korea’s ‘Missing Bottoms’ Fashion

Hey, Where are Your Pants? Korea’s ‘Missing Bottoms’ Fashion

November 14, 20113706Views

By Jen Lee

Let me start off by saying that I think Korean girls are some of the most gorgeous ladies I’ve seen on this side of the planet. That being said, I’m not sure if I’m a huge fan of seeing them exposing that much skin whenever I take a stroll downtown (though I’m sure there are guys out there that would disagree). They also seem to enjoy doing this in the middle of winter while wearing big, puffy jackets. I didn’t even realize outfits could get that short until coming to this country. I’ve also been told that it actually is in style to look like you’re just wearing a long shirt out in public. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out some of the many K-Pop videos out there.

What I think is kind of hilarious is that most of these girls don’t have big enough bottoms to fill out the shorts and skirts they wear. What can I say? I’m from a magical place in America called the South. I’ve grown too used to apple bottoms. Was that creepy of me to say?

Editor’s note: No, Jen that wasn’t creepy. And, yes, that was a summer fashion style called “ha-ui sil-jong,” or “missing bottoms.” Who cares about seasons?
Jen Lee is a Gyopo (교포) who likes to draw and also has an unhealthy obsession with green tea.

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