La disparition (Disappearing) 2010 – part 2

La disparition (Disappearing) 2010 – part 2

March 29, 20103943Views

By Yann Kerloch

This is an experimental work of fiction — kind of a poetic essay — I made originally in 2003, following my first journey in South Korea. It was completed with different footage I had previously, and a shooting in Paris with a Korean actress.

I decided to make a new edit recently, cutting some parts (almost one third of the film) I disliked.
I’ve split it into two parts — originally to have the best quality. They ended with the same length (10 minutes each), and, in a way, they fit together.

Some of the images filmed in Korea show in a documentary way how the country has changed since 2003: you can see a different City Hall Plaza, and the “samgyeopsal” restaurants which were along the railway in Sinchon.

Now that I know more about Korea, I’m amazed how naive my point of view on the country was at the first filming.

This new edit makes its story and my understanding of this place even more strange.

This film is dedicated to Pomme, the actress who played the girl we just hear (Alice), who passed away in 2010.

Yann Kerloch

La disparition (Disappearing) 2010 edit – part 2 from Yann Kerloc'h on Vimeo.



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