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jleescottResident cartoonist Lee Scott occasionally contributes to 3WM(He’s a bit like the Monkey-at-Large). He is or has been an avid: gamer/reader/writer/designer/cartoonist/developer/hatchet-man/teacher/entrepreneur.   Most of all, he’s a father.

7 Responses to “Fan Death”

  1. Nolan Says:

    I get it ! Four REAL fan deaths.

  2. Willthethethrill Says:

    Finally the urban legend is a proven reality :)

  3. Lee Scott Says:

    You guys make me very happy. ;)

  4. Ginalola Says:

    Is fan death ever for real? Is Korea the fan Deat Not Urban Legend? No it is not! people have die4s from fan death Stop joking around!

  5. Lee Scott Says:

    Sorry, Ginalola, but I’m going to have to stick with science on this one. There is no proof of anyone having died from having an electric fan blowing on them while they sleep (Korean media telling us it has happened doesn’t make it true.)

    The reason that everyone in the world (other than Korea) doesn’t believe in fan death doesn’t mean that only Koreans know “the truth.”

  6. Says:

    Fan Death AH-HAH is that what my Hakwon owner threatend me with if I would notwork an August Saturday for no pay. Screw Him.

  7. Stellab3 Says:

    Just had “fan death” explained (JRB). Wow! Good thing we didn’t know about it, been sleeping under a fan every night (even in winter) for over 40 years. Had I known, I would have been worried. Gotta wonder how this one got started.

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