6th Annual Battle of the Bands Continues Friday

6th Annual Battle of the Bands Continues Friday

November 21, 20113332Views

By 3WM

Be at the Rocky Mountain Tavern at least 1 hour before your set, or come down at 9 p.m. to enjoy the entire 5 hour program

This year there will be a public guitar raffle– $2 to enter or KRW2,000. Also drink specials add $1 to your drink and enter the Raffle.

Giveaways for the artists include, Olympia Strings and straps, Samick guitar, studio rehearsal time as well as cash prize.

A total 1 million is up for grabs, so let’s get rockin’ this Friday.

Only ONE band will advance to the finals.

Each band is judged on points.

Originality, entertainment value, musicianship, and crowd response.

Each set is 30 minutes long for each band. FINALS will be 45 min set EACH.

The wild card Band is to be determined by points.

Wild Card is the 2nd place group from each nite will gain points for a closed door judge on WHO will take the 4th Wild card spot in the finals Dec 16th.



10:30pm – Naughty Ajeossi

11:30pm – Glass inspired

12:30am – The Dirty 30’s

… 1:30am – The Hunger Tree


10:30pm The Tremors

11:30pm Harrry Big Button

12:30pm Seoul City Suicides

1:30am Crux

December 9, to be announced.

Check here for updates.



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