Platoon Announces 2012 Free Open Stage Jam Registration

Platoon Announces 2012 Free Open Stage Jam Registration

January 16, 20123161Views

By 3WM

PLATOON KUNSTHALLE‘s new weekly format, OPEN STAGE program in 2012 invites brilliant and talented musicians with a fresh sense to come together and introduce themselves at mini shows, full concerts & jam sessions on their new open stage. Each artist will have a chance to perform either 1 or 2 songs or a whole set, using the basic instrument setup including a bass, a guitar, a keyboard and a drum set.

All genres are welcome. Apply now for the first OPEN STAGE in February.

If you are interested, please send an email to, including
· short bio
· 1 photo
· a demo cd or mp3 file (preferably 320kbps)

Additional instruments should be brought by the artists.

*No participation fee / free entrance.

Sponsored by COSMOS MUSIC



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