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Platoon Announces 2012 Free Open Stage Jam Registration

By 3WM

PLATOON KUNSTHALLE‘s new weekly format, OPEN STAGE program in 2012 invites brilliant and talented musicians with a fresh sense to come together and introduce themselves at mini shows, full concerts & jam sessions on their new open stage. Each artist will have a chance to perform either 1 or 2 songs or a whole set, using the basic instrument setup including a bass, a guitar, a keyboard and a drum set.

All genres are welcome. Apply now for the first OPEN STAGE in February.

If you are interested, please send an email to mail@kunsthalle.com, including
· short bio
· 1 photo
· a demo cd or mp3 file (preferably 320kbps)

Additional instruments should be brought by the artists.

*No participation fee / free entrance.

Sponsored by COSMOS MUSIC



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