Say Kimchi: The Staple Korean Photo Poses

Say Kimchi: The Staple Korean Photo Poses

March 5, 20125939Views

By Jen Lee

If you’ve ever seen any photographs of Koreans ANYWHERE, this comic should be nothing new to you. It’s no secret. Koreans (as well as many other Asians) love to pose for the camera. It’s gotten so out of control that there are multiple Web sites and videos out there dedicated to these strange, yet fun poses.

The very last pose is one I never really saw until I came to Korea. Someone said it was supposed to be like cat paws, but who knows? The panel and pose were largely inspired by this hilarious YouTube video featuring a friend of mine.

Speaking of which, I’m not really sure if 뿌잉 뿌잉 actually means anything, so I’m sorry for the lack of the translations. If anyone could clear that up for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Anyways, question time!

What’s your favorite super Korean pose? Which pose do you catch yourself using the most? Hrm, maybe I could turn this into a contest to trick people into sending embarrassing photos of themselves…

We shall see. Until next time!

By the way, anyone knows where the shirt from the third panel is from is automatically on my cool list.

Jen Lee is a Gyopo (교포) who likes to draw and also has an unhealthy obsession with green tea.

Her other artwork can be seen here at and at



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