R-16 Korea 2010, World B-Boy Masters Championships held in July

R-16 Korea 2010, World B-Boy Masters Championships held in July

July 12, 20105456Views

By Anji Shirai

R16 B-boy competition 2010 held in Seoul.

The World B-boy Masters Championships (R-16) is a series of competitions where world-class B-boy crews (selected by the International B-boy Association) compete for the title of best crew. Starting in 2007 as an experimental performance event, the program has continued to gain international participation, with this year marking R-16’s fourth anniversary.

A local freestyle B-boy.

Artime Joe tributes his piece to R16.
A head spin from solo b-boy competitor from France.
Phase T crew from France wins 2nd place in the Crew Battle.
Jinjo crew from Korea wins the Crew Battle.
A B-boy from Vietnam joins the B-boy circle.
A hard competing solo b-boy from Vietnam.
Yuri competes in a locking battle

Writer, Artime Joe, working on the live graffiti wall.


Anji Shirai is a photographer from New York City. Her love for photography and travel took her to over 40 countries. She has now been living in Seoul for a year and a half, and still finds it an exciting place to explore. She finds inspiration in the smaller things in life, and is always looking for a new experience to challenge her ambition. More of her photos can be seen on



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