Psnap Snaps: Live Creations & Interactive Festival

Psnap Snaps: Live Creations & Interactive Festival

March 21, 20112572Views

With support from KoPAS the same folks who brought the DRIPAN art walk are putting on a collaborative event Sunday, March 27 · 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. to warm up to a summer of mixed media events and festivals. Static, performance, sound and video art all mixing and intermingling in one space with interactive pieces and exhibits. Come out, get involved and get free.

Live creations at Stereo, Hongdae…

*More info as it comes!!* Facebook Page

interactive sound performances, shadow box performances,
projections, images, movements, sounds, music, spoken words, magnets, poetry, painting with words, writing with colors, shapes, pocket art, participation ,involvement, bubble wrap, sound tubes, art on walls, art on the floor, art on the ceiling, art on thin air



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