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EDITOR’S NOTE: THIS “TEXTS FROM KOREAN GIRLS”  WAS SUBMITTED TO 3WM  FROM THE WEB SITE BY THE SAME NAME.– We  find the banter of the text messages to reveal much about the playfulness of the English language in our cross-eyed world.

1) “I am thrilling by your coolness. I am not interested to you who is not interested in o”

2) “I love you so much. I am hard”!

3) “I was at Itaewon yesterday. The place remind of Jasmine^^ so tasting Jasmine tea at there~ it smells always good.. Deeeeeep & sweeeeeet^^ and keep you warm not to get a cold again^^”.

4) “I’m sinae..
your letter thank you^^
I like you. because,you promise obey..
I look first meet man..
carelessly not decision..
watch long long time~

I’m not english well
I’m sorry always..

you understand my (mess)English?
anyway, I’m not english..sorry^^

I’m working now..
my jab like and child lovely…”

5) “u just like me becaus of SEX?”

“ill call you latter.im sorry.i reckon im making situation bad again.;(”

“ill just shit up.hav a gd night.”

6) “You.. i like me..?”

7)  “in ma grandmather’s home =_= sacrifice day~ i shouldn’t go anywhere”

8 ) “Yesterday it eats the alcoholic beverage plentifully…it is sorry…”

9) “Did you do that there inside my vagina?”

10) “Hi, a re u fine.I’m mee sook.i guess u forget me. i serched u.
i wonder u married someone.I hope u are’nt married. I HOPE i SEE U.
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  1. Lee Scott Says:

    A friend of mine got a letter from her friend in Japan. In the letter, the writer is relating how her husband is getting along now that he’s retired. Here is an excerpt:

    It is relieved energetically seem.
    [My husband] retired from the company in September, 2009. It is 60 years old.
    It lives with me by two people and one dog.
    It takes a rest now, a favorite thing is done, and it lives because it has worked for years.
    The beer and the cigarette are drunk as usual.
    It played golf in December. I also am playing golf together.
    However, it is not possible to play golf because it snows now. It is impatient that spring comes.

    I look at this letter and think about what I’d be able to write in Korean or Chinese (my 3rd and 2nd languages) and I’m ashamed.

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    [...] The Three Wise Monkeys » Blog Archive » TEXTS FROM KOREAN GIRLS [...]

  3. Joe Halvarson Says:

    I recognize your disclaimer as an attempt to diffuse negative responses, but I’ll give you one anyway. No wonder Korean people don’t like speaking English to us EFLers when stupid shit like this gets posted and then reposted under the guise of “the playfulness of the English language.” This isn’t playful; it’s just mean-spirited douchebags who are here to pick up some fun and run and laugh about the outcome on some blog.
    Have some fucking appreciation for people who try unlike most of the foreigners in this country who refuse to even attempt to learn to speak or read Korean or appreciate its history because they’re too busy trashing people at every opportunity they have.
    I hope you appreciated my cross-eyed opinion.

  4. Mizaru Says:

    …little bit…

  5. The Bobster Says:

    Yeah, sorry if it hurts but I’ll agree with the above poster. Unless you are as fluent in Korean language as your own language and are willing to send text in Korean … well, I just can’t find the time to giggle for someone who is not willing to be giggled at.

    I like a good joke. That’s all good. But people who tell them might like to consider that the nature of the joke communicates as much about the teller as about the target.

    I’m not even going to mention the focus on Korean ‘girls’ or why you don’t want to call them women … instead, I’ll ask if you can send a text in Korean.

    Oh, you can’t? If you tried, do you think it might be funny?

    Well. That would be different because you wouldn’t know what the joke was. And they’d be laughing at you. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with that.

  6. admin Says:

    Thanks for reading Bobster (wish we’d get some plaudits from you but I know that’s arduous to do in public). Yes, I can and do msg in Korean and I’d love to see someone(s) put up a list of translated foreigner msgs (I know I’ve been corrected more than once over the years; hell, upon my return from vacation in New England, I’ll try to dig up some old flame who saved my hacked msgs).

    Am I willing to be “giggled at”? Surely, as is any speaker of a foreign language who’s willing to try. Why you immediately jump to surmising that we are inept foreigners throwing stones, I know not (see DDD archives). Honestly, I don’t know the guys that put this together personally—just as I didn’t know Andy Morris personally—but I do know that it’s an aspect of life here that’s worth a window, however brief and anonymous.

    I’m starting to get the feeling that you’re a bit like the fur patrol or some sort of critic who sits and waits (in the tree stand) for something to appear that “could” be labeled pejorative or politically incorrect. Obviously we wouldn’t see you commenting on a story about Divination, the Dahn cult, Gi Hyeong-do, A Korean-American’s struggles, Green Korea or the story of conception in Korea. Nope. You’ll bury your positive thoughts in the comments section of your blog after one of our contributors offers you a compliment. Funny.

  7. The Bobster Says:

    Okay, that’s a fair cop. Although my comments from yesterday were primarily expressing agreement with another commenter (who said this article was “mean-spirited”) it does occur to me that the few times I’ve responded here have been to disagree or express some ire – and one might even the impression that I don’t like the 3WM magazine at all.

    That ain’t the case, and let me say loud and clear that I’ve been very impressed with this site from the moment I first encountered it. Not everything you publish is interesting to me personally, but it would be unusual if that were the case. The divination article was excellent, and I especially recall feeling some appreciation that someone was willing to write well and write at length and in some depth. Sue Rissberger is I think aware of the regard I have for her insightful and intelligent writing because I’ve told her so directly, on her blog. I was actually a little sad to have discovered her blog and then learned that she would be leaving Korea shortly thereafter. I’ll keep reading her anyway, but I was neglectful in offering kudos to the editors of this site for seeing the value of her work and offering it here so that other people could see it.

    Anyway, you make a fair point, and I’ll make an effort to stop by and leave a word or two when I like something instead of giving a thumbs down when something makes me cranky. I dislike negativity in others and it occurs to me that when I spend too much time criticizing what seems to me to be negative than I’m probably guilty of the same.

    Again, let me be clear. This magazine is a good thing, and I like it. Keep on doing this. If I can think of something that will help out, I’ll do what I can.

  8. Mizaru Says:

    How does George Bernard Shaw spell fish?
    Gh= enough Gh = F
    O= Women O= I
    T= action T= SH

    George Bernard Shaw would understand the language and its play in “Texts from Korean Girls”.

    Poster (poser) number 7 understands the ESl world in Korea and wants to tweek it well for himself.

    One lives forever. He was a writer . Poser number 7 is a goofball… feck’em.

  9. MesunMeesunMesun Says:

    haha it is quite fun
    as a Korean, Konglish speaker and Korean language teacher to Native English teachers(NES)
    this post makes me think various aspects between English and Korean
    the fun thing is Konglish is occured by different culture (collectivism cf. indivisualism), totally different langauge system between them

    therefore I often find and recognize why NES makes funny Korean expression mistakes
    it can be thought as the same way why Koreans make funny Konglish 3: ) e.g. handphone, running machine, I’m boring(->bored), health club =3

    ELF : English as a Lingua Franca
    among Non-native English speakers English language is a sort of contact language
    that is, to delivery a message might be the first purpose rather than native-like accuracy

    already many researchers have been conducting ELF study in the diverse field such as lexical items, sound patterns, construction and so on

    SOUND INTERESTING ? ~~~m-0-m~~~

    if you feel exciting about it then email me and join to my research lol ㅋㅋㅋ

    just only one thing I’m afraid of this post
    most messages are about dating with Korea girls and sexual somethings..
    Hope you learn some Korean through your Korean girl friend(s) and teach nicely English language to them
    and Enjoy ! some Konglish in ELF (English as a Lingua Franca) country

  10. The Bobster Says:

    Mizaru, I think I’ve just been compared to one of the greatest thinking minds of the last century so as to be found wanting. It has happened before that people have tried to humble me and take me down a notch, and it’s even possible that I needed it. No one has ever thought to use such a big gun to do it before.

    I have some opinions about GBS that might be at variance with yours. Those are not important.

    What is more important is that I simply say thank you. No one has ever tried to tell me that I’m not as immortal as someone else, especially the man you mention. Whether it’s important information or not is beside the point. It’s still the nicest thing anyone has even implied about me for, well, several hours.

    Sarcasm is fun, but I was sincere in the earlier positive things I’ve said about his webzine. It’s one of the good places where people can hang out, and if I can help to make it better, I will do what I can.

  11. Mizaru Says:

    One more time again: Feck ‘em

  12. Willthethethrill Says:

    I believe in Mesun’s point.
    The funny thing about Konglish is these Korean girls who communicate by text do the same thing with the Korean Lang. Like what they send in a text is not necessarily proper Korean either. It is just the way –unfortunate I suppose– of modern communication.

    I also agree with Mizaru: the poster above might be named bizarre Bob. It sounds like he has failed as some philosophy professor and now he wants to be the big man here. It is not likely to happen.

  13. Sharonkiwi Says:

    Yabba Yabba– if you could read with what I get away with text messages… You go girls!!!!!!!!!!

  14. The Bobster Says:

    Bizarre Bob, eh? Cool, another day, another nice little nickname from someone who hasn’t checked the facts.

    I don’t know why no one’s noticed it but me, but the one thing the post above lacks more than anything else is a link to the blog these excerpts came from. I’m sure it was an oversight, but if it were my blog being quoted I would have politely asked a link be included so people could see what’s up in a contextual way.

    Well, here it is: http://textsfromkoreangirls.blogspot.com/

    One of the most recent comments looks like this:

    “Edward said…
    Dude… why don’t you just rename this blog “Sex Texts from Korean Girls.”

    Seriously, that’s all the texts you bother to put up. It’s really starting to make Korean women look cheap and disgusting and expat men only in Korea for just one thing.
    27 July 2010 10:49″

    To which the (let’s note) anonymous blogger replied:

    “Granted, my site does not put Korean girls in the best light, but it’s all relative. There’s got to be alot [sic] of sites out there with white girls being whores.
    3 August 2010 18:10″

    The extent of my bizarreness was to agree with another commenter about mean-spiritedness. No one has addressed that, except some mumblings about political correctness. I don’t have a dog in this race, and I don’t really care about being right, but this kind of this is pretty easy to look at – Joe Halvorsen called you out on this: “This isn’t playful; it’s just mean-spirited douchebags who are here to pick up some fun and run and laugh about the outcome on some blog.” I think Joe had read the blog already, not just the excerpts posted here. I simply agree.

    Okay, I can’t resist. Here’s one more quote, not texts but what the anonymous blogger thinks is a “hilarious” story:

    “My friend and another guy met 2 Korean girls and they went to a bar and decided to play some drinking games. Now these girls were, to say the least, whores; the kind with impossibly high heels, more ass than skirt showing and a layer of make-up on their face. Apparently they didn’t speak much English, but it didn’t matter as hand gestures and soju made up for any language barriers.” [It goes on, and gets worse.]

    Not a Puritan, me – no, I’m all for western guys hooking up with Korean women and western women hooking up as well, but this kind of thing makes everyone look pretty ugly. (I had come across this blog about a month ago and it sort of made my skin crawl, and not for what says about Korean girls but rather about western guys.)

    Now, if someone still wants to talk about the playfulness of Konglish and how GB Shaw would have approved, hey go ahead, fine by me.

  15. The Bobster Says:

    Just to be clear: The blogger has every right to say what he likes and the monkeys in charge here are cool if they want to show it to us. They are even more cool if they allow me to explain why I don’t think it’s as cool as they think it is … do I have to mention one more time that I really DO like this magazine?

  16. Meesun Says:

    as a Korean wOman and one of Korean
    I don’t like that type of wOman like
    ‘white-fever’ or ‘English speaker-fever’
    disgusting yeah !
    but I am sure just some of girls/women do like above behavior.
    silly people hang out with same type of people
    we know that fact

    my English is not enough to show my opinion in detail

    oh gosh !

  17. rhetoric Says:

    I’m skeptical about the “Konglish” category, and find the notion that ‘it’ is a step in the direction of English as a Lingua Franca dubious. Most ‘Konglish’ words I’ve encountered are also part of the lexicon in Japanese, where they are perhaps slightly more aptly described as coined words. The language/culture machine there seems to thrive on them, as these neologisms crop up and disappear at an alarming rate. They might be seen as fashion words, or as the kind of words teenagers in some postmodern cultures use to mark who is in a clique. Their presence in Korea may have some more parsimonious explanations.

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  19. yeeeeell Says:

    so mean.. foreigners!!!

  20. MesunMeesunMesun Says:

    it is dirty
    the guys and silly K. girls
    both are just DirtY.. TRASH TALK

  21. ㅋㅋ Says:

    is this funny or mean? well, anyone with a brain can see it is mean and not funny. i come to this conclusion because after i read the texts i naturally think of how stupid the sender is then i realize im being insensitive to cultural language issues. people who laugh and find enjoyment from this are not good people and will someday realize it. you all should be ashamed for not speaking up against bloggers like this!!!

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