Obstruction and Doubt: Investigating the Case of Army Pvt. Andre Fisher

Obstruction and Doubt: Investigating the Case of Army Pvt. Andre Fisher

September 26, 2011LawreportageUSFK4353Views

By Iwazaru with Marie Kulik

As 3WM continues to investigate the case of Pvt. Andre Fisher, a significant quantity of information relating to the case cannot be written about within the public domain (by any entity operating with South Korean press credentials) whilst the case is pending. Unfortunately this means that the following information is, for the moment, essentially embargoed. The gist of it, however, is as follows:

The last six weeks have seen some peculiar turns in the case of Andre Fisher. The High Court ruling allowed for 3WM to come into contact with an assortment of individuals—some grounded and helpful, some bordering on cretinous and dishonest—who are working on and associated with the Fisher case. Again, because of the sensitivity of the case, 3WM cannot specifically name individuals but can say that certain legal obligations under Korean law were not honored by parties whose business it is to know and abide by the law.

More specifically, over the last six weeks, 3WM has faced intense obstruction (including profanity laced attacks) in attempting within the legal parameters to unearth some sort of clarity regarding the conduct and procedures that have been involved in the investigation and defense of the Fisher case.

Anonymous eye-witness accounts have also been provided to 3WM, reporting what is tantamount to legal officials breaching the law, obstructing both Fisher himself and individuals attempting to assist him.

On the subject of the latter, which was witnessed by an independent businessman in South Korea, this breach of the law is no more than officials at the Seoul Detention Center refusing to look for and retrieve documents deposited at the Center (these documents were meant to assist Fisher). It is also clear that the same officials on a separate occasion refused to allow Fisher to disseminate information regarding his opinion on aspects of his case. These occurrences were conducted along the age-old medium of officials saying “No!”, interrupting and swearing at people.

Whether the documents that were meant to be looked for ever made it to the facility is another question, but the witness stated that “…they had no interest in finding them…someone eventually tried, but said he couldn’t retrieve them.” The witness added, “the senior official, a surly, middle-aged man, acted as if his job was to disrupt any kind of conversation with Fisher while preventing the search for documents that supposedly had been left at the Center.”

Separately, it has been verified by a member of law enforcement tied to the case that there was another man, witnessed to be physically near Fisher prior to his arrest. Following the crime of 19th November 2010, this individual was seen fleeing the scene of arrest. It could not be verified at the time, nor has it been since, that Fisher knew this man. Neither the identity of this individual nor whether he was of any relation to the occurrence of the crime has been confirmed at any point. It is however clear that law enforcement did not give chase and instead detained Fisher. The failure to track down this witness remains one of several holes in the case.

Moreover, 3WM obtained documents related to the Seoul High Court appeal and had them translated by a professional. For now, much of what was in these documents can’t be discussed but it can be said that there are more than a few discrepancies, including the inclusion of a witness who is not the English teacher previously mentioned by Fisher. Yet, also in the document, it is claimed that Fisher never mentioned this witness. Essentially, it says he did and he didn’t mention this witness (this confusion is not attributed to Fisher). 3WM is now working to contact this individual about the night of the crime.

Lastly, 3WM stands by its commitment to objectively get to the bottom of what has transpired in this case since the night of November 19, 2010 when Andre Fisher was arrested in Itaewon near a subway station.

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