Stepping into the Unknown: Danger, Generosity and the Buddhist Mind on the Wonhyo Pilgrimage (Podcast)

Stepping into the Unknown: Danger, Generosity and the Buddhist Mind on the Wonhyo Pilgrimage (Podcast)

By Iwazaru

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Seven full days into the more than 400 kilometer pilgrimage across the Korean peninsula in an attempt to trace the footsteps of 7th century Buddhist monk Wonhyo, the members of the trek have changed, the leader, Tony MacGregor, has taken a dangerous fall, Koreans have stepped forward with immense generosity and the road has provided its good share of challenges and rewards. All the while Macgregor, Chris McCarthy and Sangmin sunim, a Buddhist monk who’s joined the pilgrims, have pushed on sometimes joined by professor David Mason.

On Saturday, December 10, MacGregor was happy enough to answer some questions about the journey while settling in after a dinner at Muryang Buddhist Temple in Yeongyang. Among the many things he said, one stood out toward the end of the interview when he offered that each day was a “stepping into the unknown” which he was actually enjoying.

See here for the original story about the pilgrimage and visit the official Site where the pilgrims post pictures and words each day.

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Wonhyo project planner Tony MacGregor and Buddhist monk Sangmin sunim on the first day of the journey.
Small temple, JaJang Am, high above Oeo-sa temple.
Yangdong Village
Pilgrim Chris McCarthy enjoys an orange and a rest on a walk through apple and rice country.
Entering Juwangsan National park on the way to Daejeonsa Temple
Entering Jinbo, 16 km from the day's destination.
Temple food breakfast at Muryang-sa in Yeongyang.
Cheongryang-sa temple in Cheongryang-san Park.



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