Supreme Court of Korea Dismisses Pvt. Andre Fisher’s Final Appeal Without Hearing

Supreme Court of Korea Dismisses Pvt. Andre Fisher’s Final Appeal Without Hearing

December 12, 20114283Views

By Iwazaru

Inside the Cheonan Correctional Institute in Cheonan about an hour south of Seoul.

One year and 19 days after Pvt. Andre Michael Fisher was arrested by the Korean National Police at 2:20 a.m. on November 19, in front of the Hanggangjin subway station in central Seoul for allegedly committing aggravated robbery against a taxi driver, Fisher’s final appeal to the Supreme Court of Korea was dismissed.

The court delivered the ruling Thursday, December 8 (without even a hearing) stating that the previous adjudications were fairly and sufficiently administered, first, by the Seoul Central District Court 10 June 2011, where Fisher was sentenced to two years, not suspended, and, second, by the Seoul High Court on 25 August 2011, where Fisher’s first appeal was swiftly dismissed.

As a result, Fisher will be transferred to the Cheonan Correctional Institute which, according to the USFK Judge Advocate, is “the facility designed to execute the sentences of SOFA prisoners.”

Following five months of investigation into the circumstances surrounding PVT Fisher’s case including but not limited to the conduct of his attorney who was chosen from a list of 15 USFK approved Korean lawyers, the alleged events on the night of Fisher’s arrest, the testimony of the taxi driver which was seemingly taken as the key element in the conviction, the forensic analysis of the crime scene and evidence seized from Fisher’s person, and the USFK’s  interest in, handling of and contact with Fisher and his case, The Three Wise Monkeys (3WM) has come across numerous discrepancies, leaps of logic, acts of negligence, failures of responsibility and attitudes of indifference.

Among the many things supported by documents that 3WM has obtained, is the fact that Fishers initial conviction on 10 June 2011 was based on flawed reports/documents that judges relied on to make their determination.  That initial judgment served as the basis for all subsequent decisions and the final rejection of his appeal on 8 December 2011.  This calls into question Fisher’s entire legal process.

Over the next few months, 3WM will publish a series of articles focused on exposing the many aspects of Fisher’s case that, at the very least, point to a flawed handling of the case or, at the worst, indicate an utter miscarriage of justice.

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